Three Computer Repair Options

PC Graphix offers three computer repair options to better serve your computer support needs. Your computer problem will first be evaluated over the phone so that the most cost effective solution can be determined.

All computer services are available 7 days a week from 8am - 8pm.
Call 803-278-1425 now for computer support.

Comparison of Computer Repair Options

Remote Support

PC Graphix remotely accesses your computer via the Internet. PC Graphix will be able to see your screen & control keyboard & mouse just as if sitting in front of your computer.

  • Computer repair as low as $30!
  • Safe & secure computer repair via the Internet
  • Ideal when you need help right now!
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Offsite Support

You deliver just your computer tower (or laptop) to PC Graphix. Once repaired, you then come & pick it up.

  • You deliver your computer to PC Graphix & then pick it up after it is repaired
  • Affordable flat rates offered; know exactly what you'll pay upfront
  • Fast turnaround on all repairs
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Onsite Support

PC Graphix comes to your home or business & performs repairs onsite

  • PC Graphix will come to your home or office
  • Prompt & convenient service
  • Servicing all of Aiken, Augusta, North Augusta & all areas in between
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The following chart recommends the most cost effective repair option based on the type of computer problem you are experiencing.

Feature Remote Offsite Onsite
Lowest Cost
Quickest Repair
One-on-One Computer Training
Spyware/Virus Cleanup
Hardware Failures
Data Recovery
New Computer Setup