Spyware (also known as adware, malware, scumware, etc) is the #1 problem inflicing computers.  Today's spyware has become so sophisticated that ANY computer can become infected within just seconds!  It doesn't matter what security program or version of Windows that you are using, the bad guys can infiltrate any computer.  But for most spyware to infect a well protected computer, the bad guys must trick the user into clicking a button or a link to initiate the actual executable.  Therefore, the last layer of defense against spyware is the user themselves.  Knowing what to click & what not to click is your best defense.  Of course, this can become challenging as the bad guys are constantly developing new ways to trick users.

Spyware Removal

There are three ways to eradicate spyware:

  1. Method #1 - Manual Removal of Spyware. This is the most complex & time consuming method, but if successful, your data & software will remain in tact. The days when a home user could manually remove spyware using Spybot and Ad-Aware are long gone. It now takes an arsenal of powerful spyware removal tools, ability to work w/ computers that fail to boot, intimate knowlegde of Windows & it's registry, as well as the abilty to recover data from non-bootable harddrives,  This method is best left to a competent computer repair shop.
  2. Method #2 - Data Backup & Reformat. Also a very time consuming process and is an acceptable option if data must be retained. But unless a Windows recovery option is available for your computer, then Method #1 must be performed. It also requires that you have the ability to backup your data to an external media.  If not, then you'll need to order a licensed copy of Windows.
  3. Method #3 - Reformat Only. By far the easiest of the three methods, but results in a complete loss of all data (pictures, email, address book, documents, spreadsheets) as well as any installed software. As long as you still have a licensed copy of Windows, hardware drivers, your software CD's and several hours, then the average computer user should be able to repair their own computer. 

Why Spyware Is So Difficult To Remove

The bad guys are making a fortune from infecting computers. This enables them to employ very talented software developers to write very sophisticated software. Even the most basic spyware infestation employ one or more of the following techniques which prevents a home user from easily removing spyware.

  1. Windows Sabotage. This is the latest & most detrimental of the techniques that prevents the home user from successfully removing spyware. Spyware developers can include a "software bomb" (a term coined by PC Graphix) which is code that monitors a computer for any attempts at spyware removal.  If detected, the code is programmed to sabotage Windows by immediately crashing the system & rendering it unbootable.  Once this occurs, your problems are compound as you'll now require a data recovery service & Windows repair in addition to the cost of removing the spyware.
  2. Disables Your Security. Once spyware gets it's foot in the door, it immediately neutralizes any installed security software and lowers your security settings allowing add't programs to easily infect your computer. It also prevents the installation of security programs which helps ensure its preservation.
  3. Windows Integration. Spyware can easily integrate itself into critical Windows operating files. Once it becomes part of the operating system, it becomes a delicate operation to extract just the infected code without permanently damaging the Windows file. If not successful, Windows will fail to bootup and then you'll have even more problems.
  4. Takes Over Your Computer. Spyware quickly takes control of your computer preventing access to even the most basic of troubleshooting tasks such as control panel, task manager, msconfig, add/remove programs, etc.  They can also redirect your Internet browsing to other poisoned websites (e.g., websites that automatically install additional spwyare & viruses), block access to security related websites preventing installing or even updating security software or just completely shutdown your access to the Internet.

Be Wary of Low Cost Spyware Removal Offers

You'll find lots of computer repair shops offering low cost spyware removal services, but what they don't tell you is that all of your pictures, email, address book, spreadsheets, documents, etc. may be lost.  A common tactic is that they will simply reformat your harddrive and re-install Windows.  That will remove the spyware, HOWEVER, it will also remove all of your data and installed software.   

Not all computer repair shops are created equal.  PC Graphix could offer a lower cost spyware removal service like it's competitors, but that is not the right way to fix a computer. PC Graphix goes above and beyond to ensure that your data is not lost, that spyware/viruses are completely removed, and most importantly, that your computer's security & performance is updated. 

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